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707 N. Logan Ave.

622 N. Logan Ave.

Serving Danville, IL

Wheel chair Prescription Pharmacist Pharmacy counter

The PolyClinic Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from all doctors. You can also come to us for prescription transfers or request for drug delivery.

You can come to PolyClinic Medical Equipment to buy medical supplies or to have medical equipment repaired and serviced. Warranties on equipment are available.

PolyClinic is BOC and ACHC certified. You'll always find a licensed pharmacist on duty when you visit us during our working hours.

Both the PolyClinic Pharmacy and the PolyClinic Medical Equipment store provide 24-hour service in case of emergencies. We service all of Danville, IL.

All Prescriptions Accepted

Warranties Available

Licensed and Certified

24-Hour Availability

All your medical needs covered under one roof

Medical Supplies and Pharmacy